Your Business: Getting Started in Data Analytics

     Data Analytics is an area that many companies would like to break into, but cannot because of lack of expertise and/or budget. We can provide you with the expertise and can get you started for a small investment. Analytics is exploding, so get in now!

     When executives are surveyed, breaking into analytics is consistently one of the top goals for their companies. The problem is, the path is not so clear. Many times when outside consultants and sales people are called in to help make this transition, extremely large investments and commitments are advocated. Customarily, these evaluations often reach into the 6-figure-range. Contracts are signed and checks are written... only to find out later that the large investment did not pan out.

     Our approach is quite different, we aim at getting you started in analytics at a much smaller investment. The benefit of this approach is it breaks through the initial "getting started" barrier.

     We understand Dashboard development including browser based so management will have continuous access to their vital metrics.