Myths about Data Analytics

Here are some of the common myths about data analytics that prevent businesses from pursuing analytics:

Myth: My business doesn't have the data needed for analytics

This is not the case. Your business most likely has more sources of data than you realize. Even if your data is not in one place, data analytics can pull from multiple sources at once to get the results you need.

Myth: Data analytics are only used by large corporations in large, complex situations.

The truth is that data analytics spans the continuum. From small businesses to large corporations, companies use simple chart-based analytics to advanced analytics. Some of the most useful information for businesses comes in easily understandable formats such as reporting, dashboards, graphs, etc.

Myth: Data Analytics requires extremely expensive software

As shown above, Data Analytics doesn't have to mean complex modeling or advanced analytics. For example, tools like Microsoft Power BI can provide tremendous value to your company, with a mere monthly subscription of $9.99. Power BI even gives mobile access to see analytics and insights directly from your phone.

While there is no doubt that expensive advanced analytics are a potential route to examine, we can give you understandable results geared towards action and immediate wins, all through tried and true tools like Microsoft Power BI and SQL Server Business Intelligence.