The 80/20 Rule of Data Analytics

     When people think of analytics, terms like big data, predictive analytics, or prescriptive analytics may come to mind. While it is true that areas like big data have gained widespread popularity, we must not forget the capabilities of simpler analytical techniques. In fact, more basic analytical concepts are what companies actually need to make the majority of their business decisions.

Take a look at the table below:

Simpler Concepts (70-80%) More Advanced Concepts (20-30%)
Dashboard-based Analytics Big Data
Descriptive Analytics Advanced Modeling
Aggregate Analysis Predictive Analytics
Estimation / Sizing Prescriptive Analytics
Trend Analysis
Correlation Analysis

     For many projects, the more advanced concepts are most likely overkill. The more advanced concepts also come with price tags up to 20 times the amount it would take to fund projects using simpler analytics.

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